Week in review/weekly updates - Snow Days, New Guitars, Spring Concerts & Lesson Disruptions.

So I spent my snow day last Monday trying out new guitars... and well needless to say I have now taken home a gorgeous Gibson J-35 (oops). I'll be updating my gear page when I get a spare minute for anyone geeky enough to want to know more. 

After the snow disrupted all of Mondays lessons last week I luckily didn't have to cancel/reschedule any other schools and all NSC and Haywards pupils had their lessons as normal. 

Landscore - I will attempt to make up for any lost time due to the snow after the Easter break.


There's a few notices this week firstly due to the Spring concert at Newton St. Cyres in the morning all lessons at Haywards Primary will instead take place in the afternoon this Wednesday (28/3/18). 

I am also aware that there will be a Spring concert taking place at Landscore Primary on Tuesday afternoon this week which unfortunately due to other lesson commitments I will be unable to attend however best of luck to all those performing. 

Lastly a notice for all schools! Throughout the Easter break I will be creating a lesson timetable for each school with specific lesson times for each student. Due to the number of classroom collections, late arrivals, etc. I feel it necessary to do so and am hoping that if each child has a set time then they will be able to efficiently make their own way to lessons each week. 

Good luck to all performing in Spring Concerts this week and enjoy the Easter break! 


Sean Tucker-Clemens