A message for all Haywards parents.

Hi all,

I hope you're all enjoying your Easter!

Just a couple of things I'd like to stress before the new term commences... First of all last term there was a lot of forgotten instruments and unfortunately unlike other schools I am involved with Haywards do not have any spares to provide the children with in these circumstances. If this term we could ensure that all students are bringing their own guitars/ukuleles every week that would be fantastic. In the event of forgotten instruments as stated in my terms and conditions refunds/discounts will not be given and the time can't always be compensated.

Secondly there was a large number of classroom collections last term, usually I expect each student to collect the next however that didn't happen as well as it usually does this term and I often found myself waiting 15 minutes between each student before having to go and collect them myself. To solve this I have decided to run a more consistent register and as of this term each student will have a dedicated time slot each week so they can make their own way to the Owls Nest at the correct time each week. If any of you would like me to do so I can post a copy of my register here so you can provide your child with their specific time prior to the commencement of the new term.

Enjoy the rest of your hols! I look forward to getting back to it and seeing all the students next week.




Sean Tucker-Clemens