The importance of regular practice when learning a musical instrument!

It's fairly black and white really, the only real reason why regularly practicing your musical instrument is so important is because it's the one and only way you can guarantee to improve and reach your goals as a musician. 

This is something I genuinely believe and the truth is that not one of your favourite musicians picked up their instrument and immediately knew what they were doing, they worked hard and they crafted their skill so what makes us any different? Jimi Hendrix didn't write Purple Haze on day one, John Bonham wasn't just randomly smacking tubs throughout the Moby Dick solo hoping for the best and even Kurt Cobain the seemingly careless Nirvana frontman had to put in the hours before penning some of the most popular riffs of all time.

Don't be put off by the thought of practicing, be inspired by the thought of improving! 

Here's my advice and challenge: 
Practice little but often to start with, instead of one hour once a week try breaking that hour up into smaller practice sessions, this helps us familiarise ourselves with whatever it is that we are doing and also provides us with some routine which will subsequently train our muscle memory. Try the following practice routine over the next few weeks and see if you can notice any differences to your session productivity: 

3x a week 30 minutes each session
6x a week 15 minutes each session

Give it a go!... I dare you. You may even have fun.

If you have anything to add, any further advice or any comments at all please leave them below.

All the best